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Request for translation. Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas[çeşmäni düzet]

Warm greeting from Belarusian Wikipedia! This year we celebrate 130. birthday of Belarusian great poets en:Yanka Kupala and en:Yakub Kolas Could you help us to translate articles into your unique and honourable language? Thank you in advance!--Rymchonak 06:17, 16 ýanwar 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

invitation[çeşmäni düzet]

As an Administrator, you are allowed into #wikimedia-admin, the cross-wiki coordination channel for Wikimedia administrators. Any member of the channel can invite you in temporarily, but you need an invite exemption from a channel operator to get in whenever you want. Please come to #wikimedia and ask for an invite. Please note that Your status will expire at 12-06-2009, You can prolong it at Meta: m:SRP.

Any admin from any project is welcome and it is a good place for cross-wiki coordination of vandal and spam fighting. It is also useful for new admins to contact more experienced admins in real-time to get help with the more complicated admin tasks such as history merges/splits and importing via Special:Import.

Please remember to translate the interface at betawiki: only and to upload images preferably at commons:

Thank you

Best regards, --gush (:> )=| 13:02, 12 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

User talk:BotMultichill[çeşmäni düzet]

Huh? What are you doing? Why did you delete this page? Please restore. Multichill 11:14, 13 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Why are you deleting all these redirects anyway? Redirects are very useful and shouldn't be deleted. You might want to read meta:Help:Redirect and en:Wikipedia:Redirect. Multichill 12:15, 13 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]
Dear Hanberke ben sizin son silinicak lariniza gordum , lutfan cok cok dikkat edin , ben bakdim kac sayfalr iyi muhteva lari varidi Va LUTFEN bu Redirect lari birakin kalsin , Redirect lar burda cok cok önemli di ler --Mardetanha 12:41, 13 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

deleting stubs and supressing redirects[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello Hanberke, please stop deleting stubs and supressing redirects, You break a lot of pages, see Special:WhatLinksHere/Ankara_Uniwersitedi, etc. and deletion of stubs should be discussed with the community first, You can't decide that on Your own, many people have put work in here, thanks for Your understanding, --gush (:> )=| 13:02, 13 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Also the deletion of working redirects is not wise, Special:WhatLinksHere/Orsça_dil, please restore the pages with stubs and working redirects, to fix this wiki again, thanks, --gush (:> )=| 13:06, 13 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]
Hello Hanberke, this is a very serious issue, I have added a javascript that will help to undelete pages easier, You can select it in Special:Preferences>Gadgets>enhanced undelete (clear Your browser-cache afterwards).
I must warn You that any more deletions like that will end in an immediate desysop, please understand that this is not the way things go, not for regular admins (they also need community consensus to delete pages (unless they are balant vandalism)) and even less for temporary. Thanks, --gush (:> )=| 02:08, 14 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]
Thanks Hanberke, for reacting and fixing the things again. I understand that the redirects might be wrong spellings, but please check with [special:whatlinkshere/pagename] (Link is called "Sahypaýa aragatnaşyklar" on the left under "gurallar") if these pages are linked, also before moving pages, look at "Sahypaýa aragatnaşyklar", this new feature "suppressing redirect" can be very problematic if the pages are linked, because if someone follows the link to the wrong old title, it will look to him as if the page never existed, he will not be able to find the new title.
You can always contact me or Mardetanha if You have questions or doubts or need any help, best regards, --gush (:> )=| 09:43, 14 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

categories[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello Hanberke, in response to [1], You can add pages to categories with adding [[Category:xyz]] to the page itself, this will add a link to the category xyz at the bottom of the page, if You click it, You can create it, put either some short information in it or rather categorize the category to a sup-category. See also m:Help:Category. Best regards, --gush (:> )=| 10:36, 16 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Request for Help, please[çeşmäni düzet]

Greetings Mr. Hanberke,

Nice to meet you.

Could you kindly help me translate the rest of this article into the unique and brilliant Türkmen language? Please. (It is originally based on the English version)

Your help would be very Gratefully Appreciated, Thankyou very much. --Jose77 22:55, 19 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Salam, hanberke, inlisçe wikipediyadan tanayan seni. Sagbol, esasan hem Prezident Kubogynyn netijelerini gaty tiz wagtda editledin. :) Türkmen wikipediyany nadip ösdürip bolarka? Niresinden başlamaly?

  • "gel taslama goşul" diyilyan baş sahypadaky zady ayyrmaly, we pikrimçe, ol taslamany pozmaly.

Sebabi biderek boldy.

  • Baş Sahypany has owadanlaşdyrmaly,
  • Community portal yaly, gowyja herkimin maslahatlaşyp bilayjegi yer tapmaly, yada ony türkmença terjime etmeli.
  • Naçe adam hazir wikipediya gelyar, editleyar, sanyny bilmeli
  • Kategoriyalary düzeltmeli, inlisçe dildaki yaly kategoriyalaşdyrmaly.

we ş.m. Men azajyk bolsa-da kömek etmek isleyan, we göryan welin, sen hem höwesli şu meselede, --Ga1taman 14:24, 23 mart 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

re:I have a problem with infobox templates[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello Hanberke, I have answered to Your question here, best regards, --gush (:> )=| 10:20, 3 aprel 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hello. I'm happy to contribute here. I enjoy help small wikis for their development. I've seen that some people (you and Paytagt) make new articles on this wiki, so I came. My changes aren't different... I don't use an automatic way to create articles, it's just manual. I write "create" in the summary box. Thanks for this welcome ;) Sebleouf 14:12, 19 aprel 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

I've finished articles about years this morning. =) Sebleouf 05:49, 1 maý 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Translation Request[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi! Could you translate and add this article into your wonderful wikipedia? You can reach me here. Thanks. With Kind Regards --Warayupay 23:25, 22 iýun 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]


Tacloban is a port city in the Philippines. It is approximately 360 miles southeast of Manila. It is the capital of the province of Leyte. It is also the regional center of Eastern Visayas.


Thank you very much for your help my friend. Damo nga salamat ha imo pagbulig akon sangkay. --Warayupay 07:21, 23 iýun 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Translation request[çeşmäni düzet]

Greetings!Could I ask you to translate the first paragragh of this article into your language?It is listed in m:List of articles every Wikipedia should have.If you want me to translate any article into Vahcuengh,tell me. Thank you very much!--za:User:Biŋhai

Translation of a short story[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi my friend!

I would like to request something from you. Yes, translation. I hope, it's not a bad thing for you. Some years ago I wrote a (really) short story about a lonely man (actually symbolized the Saami nation). I translated into some languages and I thought, it would be great to have it more, like also in Turkmen :) I made this page, the English or Turkish or Russian translation is somewhere there. You can put the Turkmen translation there. Thank you again! Sorry for my disturb... :( - hu:User:Eino81

meta request[çeşmäni düzet]

dear hanberke, i reacted here, can you please respond? very best, oscar 10:05, 5 sentýabr 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

New member and recent changes[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi Hanberke, first of all let me say that I am proud to join the WikiTurkmen team, and I am very much committed to enhance it content and quality. Recently I have created several article, though most of them are just still stubs. Nonetheless, I hope that myself as well as other WikiTurkmen users will contribute to those articles, including, I hope yourself too. At the same time, some of the articles that I have created recently were deleted without any explanations. While I may understand the reasons for which you have deleted the articles, I do not think that deletion or other major edits shall go without explanations, at least they should be put into 'edit summary'. I am very much hopeful that you would take my suggestion at a good gesture, and I hope that our mutual partnership will much benefit the Wiki Turkmen. best, --Jebel 13:53, 7 sentýabr 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Reference tags placement failures[çeşmäni düzet]

Salam Hanberke! Listen, as I have joined the WikiTurkmen few weeks ago, I have noticed that in the articles' edit windows there is no

  • option for automized "references" shortcut, as well as other options used generally in WikiEnglish are missing.

We need to address those technical hinderences, ASAP:

  • It seems that there is a need to create a substantial Turkmen WikiTemplates (infobox). The templates is WikiTurkmen's weakest problem. The templates are necessary for a quite many Turkmen wikiarticles's subjects.
  • And last but not the least, the Turkmen latin symbols cannot be directly typed into the "editing window". Until now, (and I really tired of it) I type the Turkmen text in MS-Word and then copy/pasting into the article's edit window. This is so inconvinient!

Hanberke, what can we do about the abovementioned technical problems/inconviniences? Let's "catch the tail" and keep it up until we solve the problems. As you probably aware and I beleive that you would agree with me that unless we set all the necessary technical WikiOptions and other related "gagdets" the TurkmenWiki will not move faster than it is moving now. Let's think and "work it out" thanks, --Jebel 16:10, 8 sentýabr 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Turkmen translation[çeşmäni düzet]


I need Turkmen translator for translation of our webpage from English or Russian into Turkmen. If you are interested in this project contact me - e-mail?

Skrabbit 13:14, 13 oktýabr 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Latin - Arabic - Cyrillic automatic transliteration of Turkmen Wikipedia[çeşmäni düzet]

We are about to set Latin - Arabic - Cyrillic automatic transliteration of Turkmen Wikipedia on the same principle as it works in Kazakh Wikipedia. (see more info, Kazakh converter)

However we need an Turkmen native speaker to help us write the comparative table with letters and transliteration rules. Then we can create such converter.

If you wish to help us, contact us.

(original message written by Kprwiki 10:55, 26 10-Ay 2009 (UTC)

İstanbul Boğazı[çeşmäni düzet]

Bu madde için türkmence vikipedi'de bir taslak yazabilir misiniz? Şimdiden teşekkürler.--Stambouliote 11:29, 12 noýabr 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Article request[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi Hanberke! Could you do me a favor, to translate part of this article into the wonderful Turkmen language? It's listed as one of the articles every Wikipedia should have. Please. 3-4 lines would be enough. Thank you very much. --Mer De Glace 04:49, 20 noýabr 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Temporary access expired[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello Hanberke. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. Nick1915 08:49, 3 mart 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

it's true! someone has made a mistake during the request archiving! Don't worry, I restore your access asap--Nick1915 07:59, 4 mart 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Translation possible?[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi Hanberke, would you possibly be able to do the tk (Turkmen language) documentation for commons:Template:Kremlin.ru. This would consist of translating Commons:Template:Kremlin.ru/en or Commons:Template:Kremlin.ru/ru. If you could do that, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, --Russavia 11:42, 25 aprel 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

connectivity project[çeşmäni düzet]

Hallo, my name is Anastasiya Lvova, I'm "duty" in Connectivity project. The essence of the "Connectivity" project is to study and enhance the coherence of Wikipedia, or, in other words, to improve hypertext navigation between articles. The project deals with deadends, isolated articles, non-categorized articles, transitivity of the category tree, etc.

We want to work with your language version, but we need configured MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage for it (with direct links to template namespace pages, for example, ru:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/de:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/fr:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage). Is it possible to set it up for our usage?

thanks in advance, Lvova 17:58, 13 iýun 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Email message[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi Hanberke,

Please confirm receipt of email message dated June 18. I am also sending another one today from my office account as well as my personal account.

Thanks! Cary Bass 18:59, 21 iýun 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]


I am Jimmy Wales (Jimbo), founder of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation, and I'm doing a personal investigation into the smaller language Wikipedias. I will be presenting some information about this at the upcoming Wikimania, and I am hoping to conduct a video interview with you (over skype) to learn more about your personal stories about what is going on in your language Wikipedia.

You were chosen through a process of looking at a list of smaller languages and the most active contributors. If you feel that you aren't the best person to speak about your language version, please do share this message widely. I'm looking for the most active volunteers in some of the smaller languages.

Please email me at: jwales@wikia.com and also email my assistant Topher at jwalesassist@gmail.com as soon as possible. Wikimania is less than a week away and I want to get as many interviews done as possible before then!

--Jimbo Wales 17:28, 5 iýul 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Assalaamu 'alaykum . . .[çeşmäni düzet]

Could you help us brother??? Please see: m:Requests for comment/ace.wikipedia and Prophet Muhammad images. Thank you. Jazaakallaah. -- Si Gam Acèh 05:22, 18 iýul 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hi there! I'm eolonir (Alaksiej is my real name), a contributor to the English Wikipedia, Me and my colleagues are planning to run a project on localization of the most popular open-source software (including Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype, and similar) and proprietary software (like Chrome) into Turkmen and Uzbek language, and we are looking for the contributors to work on the loicalization. If you are interested and if you believe that there will be the demand for such software, please contact me at aliaxej@gmail.com. Best, Alaksiej

request of translation for en:Mérida, Mérida, and en:Feria del Sol (Mérida) in Turkish and Turkmen..thank you so much♥--Lodewijk Vadacchino 17:58, 13 awgust 2010 (UTC)[çeşmäni düzet]

Good Evening to you, Greeting from Calabria and from Venezuela, write you, if kindly you could improve the article of Mérida in Turkish and translate Turkmen, on the base of the English or Russian.... and if kindly you could translate in Turkmen and Turkish (Improuved) the Feria del Sol, festival typically of this Maravillouse City, that is receiving great international success. In Change I will translate you in Italian, Spanish, French and other Italian dialects on Wikipedia, an article of your interest, I deal me with biographies, history, some religion and geography, and other gendres. I am sure that we will find us in full accord. In a wait him of one certain answer of yours I thank you in advance of true heart♥♥♥.Thanks So Much♥--Lodewijk Vadacchino 17:58, 13 awgust 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

this is my personal gift for You....the most kwown song of Mérida with the Most Merideña Famous In the World...Stefania Fernandez, Miss Univers 2009♥--Lodewijk Vadacchino 17:58, 13 awgust 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Temporary access expired[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello Hanberke. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. --Dferg 06:48, 4 sentýabr 2010 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Dear Hanberke![çeşmäni düzet]

Благодарю тебя, мой друг / Thank You, My Friend --Kasperone 011:20, 28 oktýabr 2010 (UTC)

Temporary access expired[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello Hanberke. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. Nick1915 09:19, 23 fewral 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Merhaba Hanberke, ben İngilizce ve Türkçe Wiktionary'den bir kullanıcıyım. Bu sözlüklere Türkmence hakkında katkıda bulunmak istiyorum, ama ana dili Türkmence olan birinin yardımına ihtiyacım var. İsim çekimleriyle ilgili soru sormak istiyorum. Türkmencede adın kaç hâli var? geçmiş, geçmişi, geçmişiñ, geçmişde... gibi. Bazı örnek sözcüklerle bana muhtemel bütün isim çekimlerini gösterebilir misin? Mesela, geçmiş, döwlet, ulanyjy, aralyg, çöl, Türkiýe, Türkmenistan gibi sözcükler. Yardımın için şimdiden çok teşekkür ederim! 01:26, 13 awgust 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Temporary access expired[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello Hanberke. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. Jusjih 07:04, 23 awgust 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Why did you delete?Article Pan farsezm.--E THP 08:19, 3 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

I do not know the Turkmen language. You know that you correct the article.( You could read it. Why did not correct).--E THP 16:47, 4 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Turkic speaking wikipedians conference[çeşmäni düzet]


Men Qazaq Wikipediasynyn atynan habarlasip turmin. Bizder Karasha ayinin ortasinda Tyrki tildes elderdin Wikipediashylarinin basyn kosatyn Kuryltai otkizudi oilagan edik. Ar elden kelgen qonaqtar ozderinin qalai damyp zhatqandygyn habarlap, oi bolissek. Kuryltai Almaty qalasinda otedi. Ar elden 2 adamga grant beru maselesin sheship zhatyrmiz.

Eger ozderinizge qyzyq bolsa, habar berinizder!? Qurmetpen, --Ashina 05:18, 13 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]


I am writing on behalf of Kazakh Wikipedia. We were planning to conduct an event for the Turkic speaking Wikipedians in mid of November this year. The agenda will cover discussion on small language wikipedia development, experience from other countries and etc.

The meeting will be in Almaty, so we are starting the negotiotions regarding the travel grants for 2 person from each Wikipedia.

If you have any ideas to discuss, don't hesitate to contact me. I am kindly ask to share this information amoung other TR WP editors.

Please send an e-mail to info@wikibilim.kz --Ashina 05:18, 13 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Article request[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi! Do you do article requests? If so, is it alright if you write an article on the en:Interstate Aviation Committee in Turkmen? The Russian article is at ru:Межгосударственный авиационный комитет - Thank you WhisperToMe 00:32, 18 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Thank you so much! With that, all of the national languages of the CIS now have an article on the IAC :) WhisperToMe 22:15, 24 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Would you be interested in doing a short stub in Turkmen about the en:Soviet Union? Thanks, WhisperToMe 04:24, 18 noýabr 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hanberke salam...

men iňlis wiki-den translator şablonyny kopiýa edip üýtgetjek boldym... öz ulanyjy sahypamda birnäçe mysallary bar... ýöne yzyny getirip bilmedim... gaýrat edip kömek etseň...


Turkmenistan at the Olympics[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello Hanberke !

I have found you through Wikipedia and I have seen you are from Turkmenistan and you are interested in sports.

I am the owner of an international forum about Olympic Sports, where sport fans from all around the world can follow and support their favourite athletes and teams in all sports in the Road to London 2012 Olympic Games.

As you can guess, it's pretty hard to find Turkmenistan sport fans, especially who follows their nation in many sports and you speaks a good English.

That's why I would like to invite you on the forum. Obviously the forum is in English language and totally free, and you don't need too much time to take part in that.

You would have the chance to 'represent' Turkmenistan as the first TKM user of the forum, and to follow and support TKM athletes in all sports.

Are you interested to take part in the forum ?

Let me know, here or through email.


Matteo TKMOlympics 08:41, 21 dekabr 2011 (UTC)[jogap ber]

"Tm-etrap-shaher" Şablonynda bir topar nasazlyklar bar, düzeldip bilmezmin? sagbol--Wikikesh 18:40, 12 ýanwar 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

This wiki needs support[çeşmäni düzet]

I think this wiki needs more users contribute, especially from Turkmenistan. Some articles are needing translation. Thank you. -- 03:50, 14 ýanwar 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Request for translation[çeşmäni düzet]

Warm greeting from Korean Wikipedia! Could you help us to translate simple:Kara and simple:Josh Duhamel articles into your unique and honourable language? Thank you in advance! Tsuchiya Hikaru 07:49, 17 ýanwar 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Article request[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi! Can you create these articles: Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and then translate them into your wonderful language? And you also improve Demi Lowato and Selena Gomez. Thank you. --Ikh Sukhbaatar 23:40, 28 ýanwar 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hi! Can you create these articles: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and then translate them into your wonderful language? And you also improve Demi Lowato and Selena Gomez. Thank you. --Turkmenistan (talk) 12:28, 8 mart 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

salam Administrator.[çeşmäni düzet]

salam Hanberke. chep tarapdaky "bash sahypa"nyn ashagyndaky "contents", "featuredcontent", intereactionyn ashagyndaky contact page yaly inlsiche sozleri turkmencha terjime edip bolmayarmy? makalany gochurmegi dine administratorlar edip bilyarmi? eger dal bolsa nadip edilyar? Pozulmaly makalalary ozuniz gozegchilikde tutyanyzmy? yada size yetirmek uchin haysy shablony goymaly? mobile turkmenche wikini ozgertmek ugrunda owrenip bilmersinizmi? sebabi mobile wikide dine gozleg motory dur. Imobile eng wikide, gunun makalasy, sonky habarlar yaly yazgylaram bar. Edil shonun yaly turkmenche mobile wikia goyup bolardy. Sebabi turkmenlerin kopusi turkmenistanda mobiledan giryar. --Wikikesh (talk) 16:48, 25 mart 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

MediaWiki çekişme:Gadget-HotCat.js → MediaWiki:Gadget-HotCat.js.

Salam, Temalar, Şabolnlar[çeşmäni düzet]

Salam Dostum. Armawer.

Şu şablon we temalary nahilli yasap bilyaris?

meselem Türkmenistan şaherleri, Owganystan Şaherleri yaly şablonlary nahilli yasap bolar.

bu barada kömek etseniz men Türkmençe wikide şeyle bir işleri görmekçi.

Sağbol --Ahmettkmn (talk) 17:55, 5 iýul 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

sagbol Hanberke dostum tehniki işden kop baş çykarmayaryn, yene de synanşayın. Şablonlary öwrensem dörederin --Ahmettkmn (talk) 11:04, 6 iýul 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Yenede de salam![çeşmäni düzet]

Hanberke dost aşakdaky yaly bir zat (şablon) yasadym:

yöne şu linkin sag tarapyndaky yaly şaherlerin maglumatyny nahilli yasap bolar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonbad-e_Qabus_(city)

ay bagyşla dost, başyny agyrtdym!

--Ahmettkmn (talk) 17:53, 6 iýul 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Taze şablon[çeşmäni düzet]

Hanberke dost täze Şablon döretjek boldym yöne bolmady. şu sahypada: http://tk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magtymguly_Pyragyny%C5%88_gubury

Inlisçedäki ýaly yädigärliklerin sol gabdalynda görünýän bilgi gutujygy ýaly bolsyn diýdim yöne görünmeýär! --Ahmettkmn (talk) 22:12, 10 iýul 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Sagbol Hanberke. (yöne o şablondaky maglumatlary da Türkmen diline öwürsek beter gowy bolar. ) --Ahmettkmn (talk) 10:35, 12 iýul 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Öncelikle merhaba. Son değişikliklerde isminizi gördüğüm için size atıyorum bu mesajı. Türkmence'yi çok iyi bilmiyorum ama anladığım kadarıyla katkıda bulunmaya çalışıyorum. Yaptığım değişikliklerde yazım hataları olabilir veya manasız şeyler yazmış olabilirim ama hiç yazmamaktan iyidir tabiki de. Bir de sol taraftaki menüde "Täze sahypalar" linki hatalı galiba? Çalışmalarınızda başarı ve kolaylıklar dilerim. Nazif İlbek 05:26, 16 iýul 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Merhaba! Eğer Türkmen dilinde Taylor Swift (Teýlor Swift) tercüme edebilirmisin? -- 11:41, 1 noýabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Commonscat template[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi Hanberke, I noticed that the {{Commonscat}} template, as seen at Ulanyjy:Russavia/Polandball#External_links isn't displaying in the correct manner. This will obviously require {{Commons}} to be fixed. Do you know how to do this? If not, I can get someone to fix it, but will need you to make the changes, due to that template being protected from editing. Can you please advise. Cheers, Russavia (talk) 02:08, 8 noýabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hi Hanberke, sorry for taking so long with those templates. I go Mattbuck to help with it, and I see you've already dropped him a line. You may want to re-protect {{Commons}} and {{Commons cat}} now that it's done. Sorry, accidentally hit submit earlier LOL. And thanks for the welcome :) Russavia (talk) 04:08, 29 noýabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

I'm going thru some file lists here on tk.wp and I have come across Faýl:Tkm.zip. Can you please tell me what this file is? It isn't linked to on the project, so it is likely a redundant file that is no longer required? If it is still required, because it's a zip file, it should probably be protected, so that it can't be overwritten with a file that could be used for compromising the downloaders system. Cheers, Russavia (talk) 16:46, 29 noýabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Thanks for that mate, appreciated. Also, feel free to respond to me on your talk page, to keep discussion in one place. I have your talk page watchlisted, and I get an email when it changes :) Russavia (talk) 15:38, 9 dekabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Translation/collaboration[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi again Hanberke, whilst I am here, I thought I would ask if you if you might be happy to collaborate with me on something. I am trying to find someone who can translate User:Russavia/Polandball into Turkmen. Is there any possibility you might be able to help with that? Any and all help would be appreciated.

To encourage collaboration, I am uploading 50 Turkmenistan-related aviation photos to Commons to try and encourage other article development here on Turkmen Wikipedia. I am keeping a gallery at User:Russavia.

However, I think that there are now plenty of Turkmenistan Airlines photos uploaded, so I am in the process of uploading over 700 photos from Turkmenistan to Commons which can be used on a wide variety of topics. I think you will be impressed by what I am uploading -- they are fantastic photos!!

Feel free to ask any questions, or whatever, and I thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to give with the translation. Cheers, Russavia (talk) 16:07, 9 dekabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hey mate, I organised for a bot upload of a group of 700+ Turkmen photos and I have cleaned them up and categorised them. The themes are unique to Turkmenistan, such as Ulanyjy:Russavia#Ahal_Velayat_Hippodrome, Ulanyjy:Russavia#20th_anniversary_of_Independence, Ulanyjy:Russavia#Akhal-Teke_studfarm, and Ulanyjy:Russavia#Tolkuchka_Bazaar. I have no doubt that these images will be of some use to editors on Turkmen Wikipedia; most likely for a range of subjects which don't yet exist? I'll keep uploading more Turkmen images to Commons and if you can think of any themes we really need to have on Commons, please let me know. 04:40, 12 dekabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]
I appreciate your contributions. As for the polandball, I've created a stub. --Hanberke (talk) 05:34, 12 dekabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]
Thanks mate, that's appreciated. Are there other Turmen photos that would be useful for editors here? Turkmenistan isn't very well covered on Commons, so anything I can do to help reverse that I am happy to do. Think about it, and if there's anything you need, let me know, I'll see what I can find :) Cheers, Russavia (talk) 06:03, 12 dekabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Polandball barnstar[çeşmäni düzet]

The Polandball Barnstar
Hello Turkmenistan, Australia be thankings of many for your helping in translatings of Polandball. With Turkmenistan help, we provings that whilst Poland can not into space, Polandball can into Wikipedia. As Australia making note of on his page of user, continuing to make uploadings of aviation picturings to Commons will of occurring. Many of greetings and exultations. Russavia (talk) 06:13, 12 dekabr 2012 (UTC)[jogap ber]

salam men entek kyan dushunemok bu yerik siz gowy bilyangiz oydyan, mening yazan makalalarymyng kopusinde surat goyulmaly, men goyup bilemok, kyn gormesengiz siz goyup chykaysangyz yada goyup chykjak biri?

User:Doctuscumlibro1985[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi. It seems like this user got upset because you deleted some pages that he/she worked on. So the user started to move your user page and user talk page to a non-existing user name. I blocked the account for 24 hours and leave it to the local community to decide what to do next. -- Tegel (talk) 07:02, 26 aprel 2013 (UTC)[jogap ber]

songky sahypalar barada[çeşmäni düzet]

songky sahypalar bolumi namuchin ishlanokka? ishledemisingiz? hachan ishlarka?

birem entek bizing wikimiz o dereje osen daldirem welin kabir wikilerde reyting goyulyar makalalara, 5 yyldyz ya 1 yyldyz aralykda. sho hem goyulsa bizing wikiye, howeslenjekler kopelerdi belki?!

Your temporary access has expired[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello, the temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired. Just to let you know that If you want it back, feel free to make a local announcement and open a new request on stewards' permission request page on Meta-Wiki later. Moreover, if you think the community is big enough to elect a permanent administrator, you can place a local request here for a permanent adminship, so stewards can grant you the permanent access. Please ask me or any other steward if you have any questions. Thank you! --MF-Warburg (talk) 23:06, 20 sentýabr 2013 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Interstate Aviation Committee[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi! About en:Interstate Aviation Committee Georgia no longer appears as a member country. In the Turkmen Wikipedia article please put Georgia on the list of former countries. WhisperToMe (talk) 19:12, 19 noýabr 2013 (UTC)[jogap ber]

geçenki aýdan üýtgeşmäm[çeşmäni düzet]

Türkçe wikipediada Miçrosoft worddäki ýaly üýtgedip bolýandygyny aýdypdym, ony her user özi düzýän eken, BETA diýen linke girip şo taýdan hem ÝisualEditor'y enable etmeli eken, soňam saýe etmeli. gowy usula meňzeýär, men geçdim.

Поддержка правительства[çeşmäni düzet]

Здравствуйте! В казахской, узбекской, киргизской википедиях заливают энциклопедии выпущенные в бумажных носителях при помощи правительства этих стран. Президент Тувы выделил 500 тыс рублей на развите Тувинской Википедии. Также Эмомали Рахмон сказал что поддержит Таджикскую Википедию. Вы можете написать в правительство Туркмении о поддержке Туркменской Википедии? Есть готовые тексты тут. Есть ли универсальные энциклопедии выпущенные в период независимости на туркменском языке?--Kaiyr (talk) 11:18, 10 maý 2014 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hello! Could you translate an article about boycott of Russian goods in Ukraine for the Turkmen Wikipedia? Thanks for the help. --Trydence (talk) 16:59, 11 oktýabr 2014 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Просьба перевести статью на туркменскую википедию. --Kaiyr (talk) 17:22, 17 dekabr 2014 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Stubs for years in future centuries[çeşmäni düzet]

An IP editor has been creating mini-stubs for years far, far in the future. I see no reason to create such articles at this time (the IP editor obviously only did so to push the article count of this wiki past 5000). Could you take a look and decide whether they should be deleted? Thanks. - dcljr (talk) 23:02, 13 awgust 2015 (UTC)[jogap ber]

You are absolutely right. Already deleted by a global sysop. Hanberke (talk) 03:56, 14 awgust 2015 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Your temporary access has expired[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello, the temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired. Just to let you know that If you want it back, feel free to make a local announcement and open a new request on stewards' permission request page on Meta-Wiki later. Moreover, if you think the community is big enough to elect a permanent administrator, you can place a local request here for a permanent adminship, so stewards can grant you the permanent access. Please ask me or any other steward if you have any questions. Thank you! Stryn (talk) 15:03, 15 noýabr 2015 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Şablon:Coord[çeşmäni düzet]

Уважаемый Hanberke, прошу вас помощи. Я не могу редактировать страницу Şablon:Coord прошу откройте доступ или сами исправте там ошибки смотря с Шаблон:coord на русской википедий.


Прошу помогите[çeşmäni düzet]

Уважаемый Hanberke, прошу помогите решить проблему. Я сегодня создал новый инфобокс Şablon:Ilatly punkt . Создаю новые шаблоны смотря на шаблонов в русской википедий. Точка на карте стоит на левом нижнем краю карты. Никак не могу исправить. Если знаете решение помогите пожалуйста. ссылка https://tk.wikipedia.org/wiki/A%C5%9Fgabat

Hi, thank you for your efforts on city templates. I need to review all your template changes in terms of language etc. Hanberke (talk) 05:47, 8 maý 2016 (UTC)[jogap ber]

НЕ получается[çeşmäni düzet]

С вами на каком языке удобно общаться на турецком или на русском?

Я стараюсь исправить ошибку но точка на карте не двигается. Прошу скопируйте данные из Şablon:Koord в Şablon:Coord

Lütfen Şablon:Koord daki verileri Şablon:Coord a kopyalabilir miisiniz.

Лучше было бы если вы открыли доступ к Şablon:Coord.--S.Abdukakharov (talk) 07:48, 8 maý 2016 (UTC)[jogap ber]


1) Thank you for your contributions. 2) You may use both Russian and Turkish. 3) Your Turkmen is not sufficient. (Türkmenceniz yeterli seviyede değil ve Türkmence wiki'de kabul edilemez. Sorry!). 4) Now I'm checking, translating and re-creating necessary templates.

Hanberke (talk) 09:37, 8 maý 2016 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Thank you. I wish you will help me and Turkmen wikipedia for correcting this templates.

Sure. I'm dealing with them now. Needs to much delicate work. Thank you again for helping tk wiki. Cheers!Hanberke (talk) 10:04, 8 maý 2016 (UTC)[jogap ber]

çekişme sahypamy ýitirdim[çeşmäni düzet]

Bir zady test etjek bolup çekişne sahypany üýtgetdim welin indi yzyna alyp bilemok, ýerine goýup bilseň goýsana. Meniň ulanyjy sahypamdaky çekişme sahypasy barada aýdýan --Sir artur (talk) 21:48, 8 iýun 2016 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hello Hanberke. I took a try to create a page about the national Turkmen boardgame ru:дызым. Unfortunately my article is not big enough, so can you expand and/or rewrite it? I do think it is notable for the Turkmen WP. Thanks, --Wolverène 21:01, 3 sentýabr 2016 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Your temporary access has expired[çeşmäni düzet]

Hello, the temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired. Just to let you know that If you want it back, feel free to make a local announcement and open a new request on stewards' permission request page on Meta-Wiki later. Moreover, if you think the community is big enough to elect a permanent administrator, you can place a local request here for a permanent adminship, so stewards can grant you the permanent access. Please ask me or any other steward if you have any questions. Thank you! --Stryn (talk) 15:59, 9 dekabr 2016 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Burokratlyk teklip edýärin[çeşmäni düzet]

Salam Hanberke. Siz köne ulanyjylardansyňyz, 2 ýyl bäri ýoksyňyz emma habarymy email we ş.m. arkaly alsaňyz size Burokrat bolmagyňyzy teklip edýärin. Türkmençe Wikipediýa Burokrat gerek, eger gelip dowam etmek isleseňiz goldaw bereris. Sesim size.

Häzir Türkmençe wikipediýada sistema döretmäge ymtylýarys, sizem gelseňiz gowy bolar. Hemä biz aktiw ulanyjy gazarys hemem burokrat. Sistema döretsek höwesekler köpeler. Garaşýas. --Ruhubelent (talk) 09:59, 4 awgust 2018 (UTC)[jogap ber]

favorite city istanbul[çeşmäni düzet]

Paragragh 18:06, 2 iýun 2022 (UTC)[jogap ber]