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    Article request[çeşmäni düzet]

    Hi! Do you do article requests? If so, is it alright if you write an article on the en:Interstate Aviation Committee in Turkmen? Thank you WhisperToMe 11:14, 1 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

    Hi. Thank you.--E THP 13:21, 1 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]
    You are welcome :) - When you do the request, please let me know :) - The Russian article is at ru:Межгосударственный авиационный комитет WhisperToMe 04:39, 3 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

    Deletion[çeşmäni düzet]

    It was supposed to be written in Turkmen. --Hanberke 13:34, 3 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

    I do not know the Turkmen language. You know that you correct the article.( You could read it. Why did not correct).--E THP 16:46, 4 oktýabr 2011 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]