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About Turkmen wikipedia and contents without resources[çeşmäni düzet]

Merhaba. As you may already know from my previous contributions to turkmen wikipedia, I add content to turkmen wikipedia. My latest contribution is Ibabekir Bekdurdyyev. He is a known sports person. It was easy to find cites and resources to confirm who he is. My question is, there are many famous singers and persons in Turkmenistan that don't have wikipedia pages and don't have enough or mostly any resources to cite. I would like to add pages about them. How can I achieve doing so without violating rules of wikipedia? Could you please guide me through this so we will have more and reliable content on turkmen wikipedia? Thanks in advance for your help and time. Saygilarimla. Vgarly (gürleşme) 18:32, 23 aprel 2024 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Hello Vgarly and thank you for your interest in contributing to the Turkmen Wikipedia. We have a limited number of guidelines, which you can find at Wikipediýa:Ýörelgeler we kadalar. In short, if you can find 2 sources about a person, you can create a page about that person. If there are no sources available, it is best to not create the page, because pages about people are expected to have these to prevent vandalism. Sometimes it is also possible to translate from the English or German Wikipedias. For example, you can find a list of Turkmen musicians that exist on the English Wikipedia at en:Category:Turkmenistan musicians, or a larger list at en:Category:Turkmenistan people by occupation. Some of these people don't have a page here and can be easily translated. If you find more information about that person, you can add it too. Thank you again, and good luck! I'm here if you have more questions. Styyx (çekişme) 20:24, 23 aprel 2024 (UTC)[jogap ber]