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Hello Sebleouf! Thnaks for Your great help! You did changes in somewhat different way. Would you please explain that me too! I'm a temporary sysop here. I want to learn if there is a simpler (automatic) way of creating some pages. See that please http://tk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges. Your chnges appears in different way. (create)etc. Thanks in advance! Best Regards--Hanberke 14:05, 19 aprel 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]

Thankee[çeşmäni düzet]

Hi, Sebleuof! That was very kind of you to create pages here. I'm very grateful. One more thingis that you intende or not, I see that you used substitution when creating pages. That will surely be perfectly useful for me indeed. I will be looking forward for your any possible assitance. Be sure that you will one of those that I ask advices. Kind regards...--Hanberke 11:14, 1 maý 2009 (UTC)[jogap ber]