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Salam Paýtagt! Tüwelem goşantlayyň üçin sagja bol!!! Azajykdan köpelýäs öz-ä!!!--Hanberke 13:45, 19 aprel 2009 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

Request for Help, please[çeşmäni düzet]

Salam Mr. Paýtagt,

Could you kindly help me translate these passages into the unique and awesome Turkmen language? please.

"Receiving the promised Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues, is the guarantee of our inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven".
"Water baptism is the sacrament for the remission of sins and for regeneration. The baptism takes place in natural living water, such as the river, sea, or spring. The Baptist, whom already had received baptism of water and the Holy Spirit, conducts the baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the person receiving the baptism should be completely immersed in water with head bowed and face downward".
"The sacrament of washing of feet enables one to have a part with the Lord Jesus. It also serves as a constant reminder that one should have love, holiness, humility, forgiveness and service. Every person who has received water baptism should have their feet washed in the name of Jesus Christ. Mutual feet washing may be practiced whenever is appropriate".

Your help would be very Gratefully Appreciated, Thankyou very much. --Jose77 23:29, 7 awgust 2010 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

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Goşantlaryňyz üçin sag boluň! Täze terjimeleriňize kategoriýalary goýsaňyz has hem gowy bolardy. şu sahypada-da bir ýalňyşlyk bar ýaly.

--Hanberke 23:14, 30 noýabr 2010 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]