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{{{millet ady}}}
Jemi ilat {{{ilatwagt}}}
Esasy ýaşaýan ýerleri {{{ilatyeri}}}
Dili {{{dil}}}
Dini {{{din}}}
Baglanyşykly milletler {{{baglan}}}

Ulanylşy[edit source]

{{Millet |
| surat = 
| millet ady = 
| ilatwagt = 
| ilatyeri = 
| dil = 
| din = 
| baglan = 

The parameters are:

  • {{{group}}} — the name of the group (e.g. Armenians).
  • {{{image}}} — place an appropriate image here. (Optional)
  • {{{caption}}} — place an appropriate caption for the image here. (Optional, should be used only if there is an image)
  • {{{poptime}}} — show how the population has changed over time; you can use {{population}} to format each entry.
  • {{{popplace}}} — show the population of the group in various different places; you can use {{population}} to format each entry.
  • {{{langs}}} — list the languages spoken by the group.
  • {{{rels}}} — list the religious affiliations of the group.
  • {{{related}}} — list ethnic groups that are related to the group.

Here's an example of using the image and caption fields appropriately:

|image=[[Image:Praying Tibetan Women.jpg|250px|Two Tibetan women in front of the Potala, Lhasa (2005)]]

|caption=Two Tibetan women<br>in front of the [[Potala]], [[Lhasa]] (2005)

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